"We dream to make the world a better place, one step at a time."

Client OUP

Service Design&Build

Sector Tertiary – Offices

Location Madrid

Deadline 2020

Status Completed

Globant’s headquarters is much more than designing a corporate space, it is connecting with a way of being “Glober”, an inspiring DNA. 

Globant is one of the four Argentinean unicorns that lead the panorama of large technological start-ups. It is a success story that is studied in the world’s leading business schools and has been listed on the NYSE since 2014.

Globant’s project in Madrid is located in a building with history: Torre Europa. A morphology of space that conditions the interior architecture and turns it into an element that we bring to the idea of commitment to the environment: “Be kind”, which marks Globant’s values.

Be kind breaks down – as nature does – in a metaphor of the fractal concept. Elements that are repeated and that evoke the circular idea of every process and sustainable company.

Globant’s new space is undoubtedly a fractal journey, impregnated with colour. A place that you discover as you walk through its workplace, you get to know it, until you too become part of this human team of globers.

Diamond room:

Fern room, coral room, ruby room, bee room… the connecting spaces evoke the fractal idea of nature in a synthesis of materials, textures and colour.

It is not reminiscent of anything, it cannot be another company’s office. You just breathe Globant, from the entrance to the coffee you share in the Globar.

It is a luxury to have accompanied Globant and to be already lovers of this great company!!!