Together we make the future


Service Design&Build

Sector Tertiary – Offices

Location Príncipe de Vergara 110, Madrid 

Deadline 2022

Status Completed

The group’s purpose is about transformation towards a future of flexibility, proximity and solidity. In this sense, the new headquarters in Madrid, breathes these values and is driven by this footprint.

A workplace where the outdoor and indoor are connected through spaces that contribute to collaboration and community. The terrace, strategically incorporated as another “plaza” for informal meetings, events and training.

The interior workplace breathes:

Not only the new corporate identity, but also the brand values. Inviting the team to walk towards that future of challenges and objectives. 

In terms of materials, we evoke the country in wich Novo Banco started: Portugal, and we use the aquamarine colour of the ocean, the cork of Oporto, wood and textiles. An evocation of the origins to lead to the future.

A new challenge for plug&go to work hand in hand with another great brand with purpose.