“That’s how we see it”


Service Design&Build

Sector Tertiary – Offices

Location Madrid 

Deadline 2020

Status Completed

Aquila Capital, the fund and investment company from the German Aquila Group and its real estate development division AQ Acentor have moved their new headquarters to one of the most emblematic buildings in Madrid: Torre Emperador

An innovative and WELL certificated project that incorporates the group’s values and wellbeing. Aquila Capital has been operating in the Spanish market since 2014, where it has developed a successful track record in the real estate sector, and the creation of AQ Acentor consolidates its stability and permanence in the Spanish market. All this strength, enthusiasm, presence and solidity have been the goals about the new design.

This new challenge -for plug&go- has been double. On the one hand, learning the culture, purpose and values of an international group that seeks in this new headquarters the FlagShip and nerve centre of many developments in our country. And on the other hand, the execution of works in pandemic, which has meant a more complex process and H&S rules.

The major key goal had been marked by the need to connect more than 2,500m2 on two floors. A connection that could not be left to the common areas of stairs and lifts in the tower, so we devised an organic route that contemplated an interior connecting staircase, a protagonist staircase that with  elements of wellbeing that evoked Aquila’s Brand purpose.

A walk in the forest:

Visit the Aquila’s office is to be transported to a walk in the forest. 

The individual ownership of the workplace disappears. The close offices do not exist, and the idea of purpose, community and connection is breathed from the waiting area where an eagle observes -as an icon of the group- displaying its leadership, solidity and vision.

It is undoubtedly a project of textures and harmony, fabrics, soft spaces and relaxation areas far removed from the spaces for eating and having a coffee because they remind us more of a luxury hotel lobby.

Two connected floors where management, sustainability and promotion divisions are located, and which breathe the same DNA and coexist with a design that identifies them.

An experiential workplace that does not leave you indifferent. A workplace to renew the pride,  of being parto f this great family. 

The claim of biophilia, the barrier-free routes, the occupancy model all make you feel calm, comfortable, the place where you want to go.