Recovering the identity

Client InmoCaixa

Service Design&Build

Sector Tertiary – Offices

Location Calle Ombú, 3. Madrid

Deadline 2021

Status Completed

The challenge of reforming this building owned by InmoCaixa, has been to recover the identity of a building located in the axis of Mendez Álvaro, with an unbeatable location, a flexible floor plan morphology for any tenant, an imposing architecture but a lack of its own name, warmth and human scale.

The project builds on the creative idea of the jewel movement. A space that, far from adapting trends, respects its very orthogonal exterior architecture, typical of the brutalist trends and gives it new movement, warmth, human scale and elegance.

Straight lines coexist with organic lines in a dance:

That, far from being eclectic, is its own. It gives it an identity. Its own name.

Torre Ombú grows through design. This uniqueness endows the asset with life and attract companies looking for corporate spaces connected with organic and respectful forms, where the person is in the centre.

Elegance, wellness and beauty evoke an architectural mood that makes you feel good.