Our energy for a sustainable life

Client RWE

Service Design&Build

Sector Tertiary – Offices

Location Torre Mahou, Madrid

Deadline 2022

Status Completed

An international project with one of the energy giants in Germany. Plug&go has developed this new challenge in D&B mode. A space for the new RWE headquarters in Madrid that breathes its corporate identity and its commitment to create a more sustainable, more humane and safer way of life.


The new RWE’s HQ in Madrid projects the company’s green energy story and incorporates elements into the workspace that allow the team to work in a calm and comfortable environment. The office is presented as a destination place, providing the team with tools to connect, collaborate, relax and concentrate. All spaces take care of people with sustainable and certified materials in a circular manufacturing process.

In addition, emotions are taken care of:

Through biophilia, wood and greater acoustic contribution that guarantees a space designed to work as a team. The colour, incorporates the identity and also applies in its various shades of aquamarine, green and blue a nod to the brand and natural elements.

A new challenge for plug&go to work hand in hand with another great brand with purpose.