Creating an environmentally friendly future

Client AXPO
Service Design & Build
Sector Tertiary – Offices
Location Paseo Castellana, 95 Madrid
Deadline 2023
Status Completed

AXPO, the largest Swiss renewable energy producer and international leader in the trading and marketing of solar and wind energy, has entrusted plug&go the Design and Build for its new offices in Torre Europa, Madrid.

The workplace that connects with the purpose of the Brand: “search and creation of an environment that advocates respect for people and planet”.

The new TechEdge’s office:

Make up a very collaborative workplace, where you can find: meeting areas, spaces for concentration, training and disconnection with views of the main artery of the city.

The details are taken care of breathing a feeling of constant wellbeing, very much in line with the new corporate identity of the group, which flees from the artificial and advocates the natural.

Make up a very collaborative workplace.