Promoting and producing renewable energy.

Client RWE
Service Design & Build
Sector Tertiary – Offices
Location Pl. de Catalunya, 1 Barcelona
Deadline 2023
Status Completed

To talk about RWE is to talk about the German energy giant. In Spain, it is one of the main promoters and producers of renewable energy. Its value is at the involvement of the value chain, from the search for potential sites to the decommissioning or refurbishment of plants across the country. They pay special attention to the quality of their work throughout the entire process.

We had the opportunity to accompany RWE at its new offices in Madrid and now, after a process of transformation, integration and consultancy that we carried out with the Barcelona team, we have completed its offices in Plaza de Catalunya.

One of the main challenges in Barcelona

has been not to copy the Madrid offices, but to look for an idiosyncrasy of its own, based on its team, its culture, its processes and the particularity of the business in Barcelona.

Respecting this local identity, embracing a palette of colours that evoke the corporate identity of the group, has been one of the objectives, challenges and inspiration of the project that we have carried out in D&B by plug&go.

The workspace as a service and not as a product.

The consultancy phase carried out in workshops with the team and agents of change dealt with strategic objectives, paradigm shifts, international integration, growth and coexistence of generations. In short, an office that responds to the why, that dives into processes, people and business. A tool that facilitates.