• Client: ELECNOR
  • Service: Workplace consultancy, project and project management
  • Sector: Tertiary-offices
  • Location: Paseo de la Castellana 83-85. Madrid
  • Deadline: 2021
  • Status: Completed

“Energy in team and team with energy” was the final claim embraced by Elecnor’s management team in the visualisation or Mandala workshops carried out by plug&go within the definition of a new occupation model that integrates the group’s needs, the change of paradigms and the inclusion of different generations of workers, in a challenge of strong growth.

Plug&go started the journey of this project from the initial phase, which makes it unique. It starts from the why and not the what about the new workplace. A creative process born from Elecnor’s working group: people from HR, marketing, business, SSGG, technology and senior management who, together with plug&go’s team of consultants, dive into the why and visualise a new workplace that serves as a “moonshot” towards this stage of the group’s growth.

Enjoying workshops, discussing ideas, recognising beliefs:

And ultimately re-programming the vision of a new space where to incorporate new paradigms and not trends. Because one of the luxuries that working with Elecnor is to find a client that flees from trends and questions, looking for what is really their own and builds in their DNA, their culture and their purpose.

Energy + team

The result is a new headquarters where pride of belonging can be felt on two floors connected by an interior staircase. More than 5.000 sqm with a design that evokes strength, freshness and well-being in a building refurbished by one of the major SOCIMIS: Merlin. An Elecnor´s new workplace located in the heart of Madrid’s business district.