The workplace in 360º strategy

Client ADG Media Group
Service Design & Build
Sector Tertiary – Offices
Location Parque Empresarial Miniparc Moraleja (Madrid)
Deadline 2024
Status Completed

ADG Media Group is one of those clients that you consider a gift. The gift of being able to transform their workplace with the help of the partners who created ADG Media Group 10 years ago: Jesús Ollero and Nacho Suances.

Jesús and Nacho work together with their team to define digital transformation strategies at the service of their clients. In short, a 360º approach that they were looking for their new workplace.

A place to create community

And where the different brands of the group have their own neighbourhood. New spaces for interaction with clients that allow for demos and corporate events, connecting the headquarters as a new loyalty and business attraction tool.

The whole space breathes wellbeing because it has a tangible vision of circular construction and certified materials that act in the direction of caring for people and planet.