People, place and planet

Client Knight Frank

Service Design&Build

Sector Tertiary – Offices

Location Suero de Quiñones, Madrid

Deadline 2022

Status Completed

Plug&go has carried out in D&B model the renovation of the Knight Frank headquarters in Madrid.

A new committed space that is part of the group’s sustainable strategy, because 40% of carbon emissions comes from the built environment and this is the goal that Knight Frank defends.

The renovation of the group’s headquarters, in Madrid, starts from the process of transforming the way they work without losing sight of the company’s story, a brand that differentiates itself – in the real estate consultancy sector – for its proximity, trust and transparency.

The new Knight Frank new mood offices are conceived as a meeting point. The space loses the idea of ownership and is configured as a variety of tools that allow collaboration, communication and connection for the team. This way of design, allow us to improve the cross operations, and also the relationships with clients and partners. 

The organisation is analysed by profiles rather than hierarchies, and the space becomes a destination place to work towards common goals.

The WELL certification criteria:

which are part of its ESG strategy, have been the cornerstone of the project. The design contemplates circadian cycles, arranging the different spaces according to how we take advantage of sunlight and how we activate or relax the mind. Noise control and biophilia are incorporated to improve wellbeing and productivity. Colour evokes nature and works in a palette of shades that, like the Brand in red colour, activate and convey sensations of energy and passion.

All the materials used for cladding, flooring and acoustics are cradle to cradle certified.

 The construction has also guaranteed the circular cycle and the correct recovery of waste. Ergonomics is worked from the change of positions and organic circulations within a space that contains seats and allows work in different positions, such as the standing desks incorporated for the marketing, communication and PR clusters. 

The entire Knight Frank’s space is an invitation to the healthy living, right down to the content of vending machines and baskets of fresh fruit.

The care for the team that permeates the Knight Frank office.