The best way to be hybrid

Client A&M

Service Design&Build

Sector Tertiary – Offices

Location Paseo Castellana 95, Madrid

Deadline 2023

Status Completed

The pandemic has changed many companies but few have known how to integrate the hybrid model into their culture and offices as well as A&M. 

A&M continues to grow. We were lucky enough – years ago – to accompany them in their move from Torre Colón to Torre Europa and we are lucky enough again to be in this new, much larger office.

This new space had to consider the remote and face-to-face model, and also guarantee the concentration and silence, at the office. For it, this new design for A&M shows much importance on the spaces as meeting rooms and phone booths with acoustics certifications. 


In terms of mood board, the spaces are harmoniously combined, allowing the team to enjoy spaces of communion between them.

On the other side:

This new hybrid model includes -also- the clients. The new A&M offices rescue something that many companies removed years ago, the meeting point with customers and partners. In fact, the individual work can be done remotely and the office has to serve for something else: the things that you can’t do alone. A destination place.

This is the new A&M offices, the best place to be a hybrid.